Thursday, February 23, 2006

Ideas Surface!!!

The idea to create a series of stories intertwined by an organization that lurks behind the scenes has intrigued me for years. Various plots and test runs of such themes have taken place in my writings before; somewhere in my childhood I should think. Nevertheless, the idea to actually start on this journey has become more tantalizing thanks to my discovery of a self-publishing service and various other things which I shall not name for the moment. What I shall say is this; the stories will be linked and yet will not stick to one genre in particular. Also, I feel the desire to do a little networking with this project so I am going to enlist the services of one Mark Jeffrey which will prove useful if he accepts. All such activities will be incorporated into the website.

Updates about me, the blog and a psychopath named Scott Sigler!!!

I have been quite busy trying to get a host for the podcast. Am not going to spill the jellybeans just yet. Add to that, I have been playing with the blog somewhat so comment on the layout and give me some ideas as to what else I should or should not add. And lastly, I have been working on a promotion for the author of Earthcore and Ancestor, Scott Sigler!!! He's even more twisted than me and this is a good thing. I'm just surprised that he chose me to do it for him so I hope I cut the mustard. Shall report back soon with more when able!